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Hellish is probably a fairly accurate adjective to describe the last 12 or so months, wouldn’t you say? During that time most of us have had a go-to drink to get us through, for better or for worse. For us here at the farm the one cocktail that stood out and energized us over the last year - aside from seltzers of course - was the espresso martini. If you were of drinking age in the 90s this cocktail may have been forced on you more times than you care to recall in a neon-lit bar leftover from the previous decade but we think this cocktail is going to be BIG in 2021. 

Serving: 1


Garnish: Coffee/Espresso Beans


Combine all ingredients over ice into a shaker or a mason jar if your household is shaker-free. Shake and strain into a small coupe or martini glass and garnish with a few espresso beans. For the stout simple syrup: add sugar, water and stout (we recommend Limbo) into a blender at a ratio of 2:1:1, mix until its dissolved (20-30 seconds) and let rest until the foam dissipates. You can also make it on the stove by combining the same ratio of ingredients and stirring until the sugar dissolves (just make sure it doesn’t boil). Now sit back and throw on Whitney Houston; time warp complete.

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Willibald Espresso Martini Recipe