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Willibald Community Fund

Willibald is a first generation farm distillery and brewery. The farm element of who we are is something we are undeniably proud of and it holds particular importance to us for a variety of reasons. Of those, community is the one that is a clear standout. Anyone who has grown up in an agricultural locale understands how integral the community is to surviving in addition to thriving. We want to take the community spirit (no pun intended) we were raised on and use it to make a difference. We want to do this not only in our physical community within the village of Ayr, North Dumfries or Waterloo Region but in the communities outside of our backyard that we belong to or that require our support. These instilled rural values along with the need we see in our community are why we’ve decided to create the Willibald Community Fund.

The Willibald Community Fund is part of our long-term commitment to supporting a community that has helped us work towards our mission. Throughout the year we will pick organizations, foundations and causes that are important to us and our community and contribute to them by fundraising, donating time and funds as well as utilizing our platform to promote their causes and build awareness. Our hope is that we can use our brand for more than just brewing and distilling. We hope to use it to cultivate change not just in our fields but those of our neighbours as well. But we feel confident we can. After all: farming is a profession of hope.

We're proud to announce the Willibald Community Fund is teaming up with the Rare Charitable Research Reserve for 2024. 

Rare Charitable Research Reserve

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is a community-based urban land trust and environmental institute that protects over 1,200 acres of highly sensitive lands across eight properties in Waterloo Region and Wellington County. The organization manages over 14 kilometres of trails free and open for the public. We seek to make the world a more sustainable place. We believe we can achieve this by acknowledging that people are a part of the environment. By working together, we can protect our natural spaces for our enjoyment and well-being, today and into the future.


Organizations Supported by the Willibald Community Fund

Lupus Ontario
Hospice Waterloo Region
Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce - Inspiring Women Event
Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Bereaved Families of Ontario
Relay for Life St. Benedicts
Relay for Life
Cambridge Humane Society
Rainbow Camp
The Cambridge Food Bank
Ayr Porch Fest