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The coldest week of 2021 calls for a warm weekend don’t you think? In Lieu of travelling south of the border, we felt that bringing a nice warm Mulled Original Gin Cider to your home would be the safer way to go…

Serving: 1


Garnish: Orange Slice + Cinnamon Stick



Pour gin, wine and simple into a glass. Warm apple cider in a sauce pan - feel free to throw in cinnamon sticks and orange peel if you’d like to spice it up a bit. Add your cider to your cup, give it a quick stir to mix and garnish with orange and cinnamon. If you’ve never made simple syrup before it’s extremely simple (yes - it’s called that for a reason). Add equal parts sugar and water in a blender and mix until its dissolved (20-30 seconds). You can also make it on the stove but the ‘blender method’ is more consistent and it’s what we use here at the farm for all of our drinks. Stay toasty friends.

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Mulled Original Gin Cider Cocktail Recipe