Willibald Spirit Trio Gift Set

Willibald Spirit Trio Gift Set
This gift set includes... 1 x Willibald Pink Gin1 x Willibald Barrel Aged Gin1 x Willibald Farm V...
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This gift set includes...

1 x Willibald Pink Gin
1 x Willibald Barrel Aged Gin
1 x Willibald Farm Vodka

Beautifully wrapped in a custom Willibald wood box. 

Pink Gin - 38.3% ABV
Triple distilled and aged 6-12 months in fresh Niagara red wine casks giving the spirit the light pink colour and balance of flavours. After ageing, we infuse a hint of our Willibald Raw Honey.

Barrel Gin - 43% ABV
Our original gin is made of 100% Ontario grains, distilled in our copper pot still, infused with botanicals, and aged for a minimum of 1-year in American oak quarter casks. 

Farm Vodka - 40%ABV
Our vodka is distilled from 100% Ontario rye, corn, and malted barley. The velvety full body and sweet grain finish leave this vodka delicious and familiar while somehow still existing just a bit outside the norm.

Woodbox, handmade in Canada. 

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