Willibald Restaurant


Reservations are now available here.

For groups larger than 8, we kindly ask you email your request to restaurant@drinkwillibald.com. Prost!



 Wednesday: 12pm - 9pm
Thursday: 12pm - 9pm
Friday: 12pm - 9pm
Saturday: 12pm - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm




Where do I find your menu?

Do you have indoor dining available? 
We are now open for indoor dining, beginning October 11, 2023. Reservations are available here. We have some tables set aside for walk-ins, but please feel free to call ahead to inquire about walk-in availability. 

Do you rent out the farm for private events? 
We rent our mezzanine space for groups of up to 20 guests. If there are more than 20 guests in your party, you will be required to rent out the entire restaurant. Please email restaurant@drinkwillibald for more info!   

Are you offering takeout? 
Not at this time! 

Are kids allowed? 
Yes! However, we do not have a specific kids menu. We can provide highchairs upon request. 

Are dogs allowed? 
Outside, yes. Inside, no. Service animals are welcome both inside and outside. We request that all dogs pets remain on leash at all times. 

Three Bark Policy
Fido has three chances. One bark, ok. Two barks, you're cruising. Three barks, you will be kindly asked to remove the dog from our patio space. 

Aggressive Behaviour Policy
If your dog demonstrates aggressive behaviour of any kind towards guests or other dogs, we will kindly ask you to remove the dog from our patio space. 

Can I smoke on your property? 
You can. All we ask is that you smoke in the designated smoking area only, and dispose of your butts in the butt bin, not in our field or parking lot! 

Is this menu still considered farm-to-table?
YES! All of our ingredients are either grown or raised here on our farm or purchased from local producers.

What's the best way to contact you with my questions? 
Send us an email at restaurant@drinkwillibald.com and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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